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The Hine Consultancy is a network of senior consultants and other associates who form teams to work on specific contracts led by Paul Hine. The team membership varies according to the nature of each contract. Some recent team members are shown below.

Paul Hine Consultant Director
14 years' consultancy. Previously, senior manager in several government bodies regulating curriculum and qualifications, member of 16-19 Dearing Review, teacher and manager in further education colleges.

Pam Morris Consultant
Specialist in 14-19 qualifications and curriculum. Previously, head of QCA's 14-19 Education team, member of Dearing Enquiry into Higher Education, headteacher. Extensive experience in development of GCSE, A levels and the Diploma.

Brendan Routledge Consultant
ICT curriculum and teaching specialist, advising hundreds of schools on ICT. Teacher-training leader in SCITT programme. Previously, advisory teacher, school head of department. Extensive experience in creating digital teaching resources, websites and video.

Kate Moorse Consultant
Very closely involved with development of the Diploma and associated guidance publications. Previously senior official in QCA responsible for the Key Stage 3 curriculum, inspector, advisory teacher, school head of department.


Kim Tomlin Administrator Researcher
Seventeen years' experience in co-ordinating projects, administrative support and research, including three years in Government education bodies.  

Tim Scratcherd Consultant
ICT, curriculum and school-improvement specialist. National College programme facilitator. Previously, advisor, ICT inspector, assistant headteacher, NAACE Board of Management.